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The only surviving type of me.val house is the domain of the wealthy, but early sources provide clues on peasant dwellings..Rich People s Houses In the Me.val Times the great hall was still the centre of a castle but the lord had his own room above it. This room wased the solar. The other members of the lord s household, such as his servants, slept on the floor of the great hall. At one end of the great hall there was a fireplace and chimney..Rich People s Houses in The Middle Ages. The Normans, at first, built castles of wood. In the early th century stone replaced them. In the towns wealthy merchants began living in stone houses. The first ordinary people to live in stone houses were Jews. They had to live in stone houses for safety . In Saxon times a rich .

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    DARTFORD AND THE ME.VAL TOWN HOUSE. There are a few surviving and century me.val buildings still standing in Dartford today, most notably in .

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    Banquet Menu. Vegetable soup made daily with market vegetables A platter of meat, pate and cheddar cheese with salad pickled vegetables Roasted chicken in a .

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    Me.val Education in England was the preserve of the rich. Education in Me.val England had to be paid for and me.val peasants could not have hoped to have .

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    Ascot House has been meticulously restored retaining its original homely charm whilst providing today's modern facilities. The house features antique furnishings .

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